Rev. Marion K. and Dr. BJ Relefourd

Rev. Marion K. Relefourd

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A ministry of servanthood has been and continues to be the foundation of our Senior Pastors.  Their ministry began under the dynamic dual leadership of Pastors Arthur and Clarise Johnson in Lakeland, Florida.  After completing ministerial requirements and accreditation, this dynamic duo was ordained in the service of the Lord.  Destiny brought this ministry team to the Metropolitan Atlanta area in 1995.  After serving in the Potter’s House International Pastoral Alliance (PHIPA), they were ordained  by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Vision Of Life Ministries is the local ministry the Lord has placed in their hands to care for, nurture, serve and to deposit a more perfect Vision into the Lives of the people of God.  A healing  and compassionate anointing is upon Pastors Marion and BJ.  This ministry is a healing temple and God has equipped them to minister to the diverse types of illnesses which enter for healing and deliverance.  The heart of the Prelate Shepherds is to nurture and provoke vision in the lives of all., through the love of Christ Jesus.

The Lord has truly blessed their ministry to reach into the highways and hedges.  These Pastors can be found serving at WATC-TV as prayer partners,  in the Gwinnett Detention Center and also at Gwinnett Extended Care Center.  Where there is a ministry need, they are there. They serve  corporately and virtually.

Pastor “M” and Pastor “BJ”, as they are affectionately called, are celebrating their 35th year of covenant marriage.  The Lord has allowed them the grace to view the blessing of their seed as per the Abrahamic Covenant.  They are the proud parents of Keith and Kia Relefourd.  Kia is a graduate of Warm Springs with a  Degree in Early Childhood Development . Keith served in the USMC as Lance Corporal.  Keith and their Daughter-In-Love Karisha Relefourd are the proud parents of KaShayla Jenae Relefourd, Kadin Jordan Relefourd and Kelin Joshua Relefourd.  

These Pastors are going into the highways and hedges and compelling others to come. Connect with them on

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They welcome you with the arms of love and the wings of faith

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