Pastor BJ Relefourd

Declare and decree

Pastor BJ Relefourd

The word declare comes from the Hebrew achvah, meaning “to make known” or “to set forth an accounting.”  In Hebrew, decree means "to divide, separate and destroy." The German diktat is the equivalent of our decree and means "a harsh judgment imposed on a defeated enemy that cannot be opposed.

As it pertains to us spiritually, declarations are what we speak into the atmosphere, making known what we already have possession of. We can declare our righteousness, our salvation, our eternal victory and our friendship with God.  It is the power in our tongue to speak into the atmosphere what we possess.  It is commonly used by customs agents who ask international travelers, “Do you have anything to declare?” The agents are asking for specifics of what you have, what you are carrying. As Christian we have the power to declare or make known the promises in our lives.

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